FeedCattle.com is an organization of cattle feedyards located in Western Kansas and Southwestern Nebraska. We pride ourselves in doing business with local and area farmers and ranchers. From purchasing calves, high moisture corn, hay and feedstuffs to providing custom feeding services and selling manure, we specialize in helping you increase your profitability. The cattle feeding business is not easy and that’s why we are here to help. We believe we are one of the industry’s best and would appreciate the opportunity to show you why. Please feel free to look around and learn more about our programs. When you are ready, please do not hesitate to contact any of our feedyards. We look forward to showing you why more and more farmers and ranchers are doing business with us.

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Ranch Calves

All of our feedyards specialize in purchasing ranch calves. If you are a cow-calf producer who is interested in increasing profitability, we are interested in contracting your calves with us. We value good genetics and honest producers.

High Moisture Corn

Hoxie Feedyard, Imperial Beef, and Lane County Feeders all purchase high moisture corn from local farmers. We do not charge any storage and provide flexible pricing. Many farmers are reducing their risk by harvesting their corn early.

Hay and Feedstuffs

All of our feedyard locations purchase and use hay and feedstuffs every day. We purchase all of the following types of feed stuffs year-round: alfalfa hay, corn stalks, forage sorghum, straw, grass hay, corn silage, and milo silage as well.

Dry Corn

Lane County Feeders and Pioneer Feedyard both purchase and store dry corn. This corn is then flaked and added to our high quality feed to help realize substantial gains. We offer our farmers competitive market pricing for their quality crops.

Custom Feeding

All of our feedyards provide custom cattle feeding services. If you own cattle and are looking to feed them at any of our nationally recognized and established locations, we may be able to help you increase profitability.

Cattle Manure

All of our feedyard locations produce and sell a large volume of manure. If you are interested in fertilizing your fields, or would just like to learn more about how to potentially increase your crop yields, please contact any of our locations.