High Moisture Corn Program

Our high moisture corn program offers producers substantial benefits and flexible pricing options. Together, we will work to find a plan that best meets your needs. This program encourages producers to sell their corn to our feedyards at a high moisture content.

Program Benefits

  • No storage charges.
  • No drying charges.
  • No dock for foreign matter (within reason).
  • Harvest several weeks earlier than the typical dry corn harvest.
  • Favorable contract shrink at 1.2% per point versus most elevators at 1.5% per point.
  • One time delivery versus hauling it to bins and then to the elevator or other final destination.
  • Greater potential for the use of higher quality residues by allowing earlier stalk grazing or baling.
  • Earlier harvest allows for additional options with the farmland, i.e. plant it back to a winter wheat crop.
  • Crop loss due to harvesting equipment is also usually less with high-moisture corn than it is with dry corn.
  • Earlier harvest reduces crop losses resulting from inclement weather, wind, stalk rot and insect damage.
  • Early harvest conditions are usually more favorable during high-moisture corn harvest than they are with dry corn harvest.
  • Harvesting both high-moisture corn and dry corn spreads out the use of your harvesting equipment, trucks, labor, etc. which is typically more efficient and costs less than forcing the use of your equipment and resources into a shorter time frame.
  • Our contract allows for a generous time period for pricing your corn which is almost nine months on the Dec. bushels and a year on the Mar. bushels.
  • Yields with high-moisture corn are not any less than they are with dry corn. Corn is considered to be physiologically mature when it yields the maximum quantity of dry matter which is in the 30-40 percent moisture range, depending on the hybrid.
  • We offer up to $0.10 premium per bushel depending on moisture content (see below).

Hoxie Feedyard

To sell high moisture corn to this location, please
contact Scott at Hoxie Feedyard – (785) 386-4519.

Imperial Beef

To sell high moisture corn to this location, please
contact Doug or Brad at Imperial Beef – (308) 882-2222.

Lane County Feeders

To sell high moisture corn to this location, please
contact Jeff at Lane County Feeders – (620) 397-5341.

All of our feedyards use the following calculator to convert high moisture corn bushels to dry bushels.